John Deere 7130 2011

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Tractores para cultivo en hileras (serie 8000, 7000, 6000 desde 140CV y equivalentes)
John Deere
Cabina: Sin cabina
Eje delantero: Tracción delantera mecánica
Transmisión: Power Shift parcial
Pre equipo de guiado: No
Neumátic. traser.: Ruedas simples
Cargador frontal: No
MFWD Front Axle with Limited Slip Differential
320/90R54 In. 149A8 R1W Radial
320/90R42 In. 139A8 R1W Radial
PowrQuad 30 km/h 16F / 16R with Creeper and Left Hand Reverser
Rack and Pinion Axle 78.74 mm (3.1 In.) Diameter by 100.6 In. Length 2-Position Steel Wheels
Two Deluxe SCV's (3-Dent - 300 Series) with Deluxe Couplers
Pressure and Flow Compensated Hydraulic System 29 GPM (110 L/min)
Comfort Seat with Mechanical Suspension, 76 mm (3 In.) Seat Cushion
Front Weight Support 70kg (for up to 14 front weights)
Heavy Duty Rear Wheel Brakes
One Rear Work light RH, H3, 2-Post mounted
Two Front Work Lights, H3, Fender mounted
Increased Lift Capacity, Max Total Cap 7231 (3280 kg)
Third SCV Deluxe (3-Detents - 300 Series) with Deluxe Couplers
Drawbar, Standard Swinging, with Hammerstrap
No Specific Tyre Brand
Ancho del neumático: Normal
TDF: 540/1000
Options: Front Hitch
creeper tss, alto despeje ,estacion abierta